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Sarita Chaudhary

2019-10-14 12:11:10

PROJECT HOMEPAGE I FOUND A BUG FORK CKEDITOR ON GITHUBCKEDITOR BLOG CKEditor Sample START TOOLBAR CONFIGURATOREdit your toolbar now!Congratulations!If you can see CKEditor below,it means that the installation succeeded.You can now try out your new editor version,see its features,and when you are ready to move on,check some of the most useful resources recommended below.

1.   Make your website fast
Making your website fast not only helps your site’s ranking on Google but also improves the user experience of your visitors,increases your page views,and increases your conversions.Make your website fast;it’s the first step and a big deal to convert visitors to customers. 

2.   Create Engaging content

Notice closely the wording I’ve used—create engaging contents—not just creating contents.
Most website owners create contents with a sole purpose to rank and get website traffic from search engines.Although optimizing your contents for search engines is important,you need to remember that search engines aren’t the one who buys products or services from you—the searcher or person does.So,you need to determine if your contents are also engaging for“humans”to consume.

3.   Create a landing page
It’s time to create a landing page where your visitors can sign up for them to access it.A landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at.It has a form and exists solely to capture a visitor’s information through that form.In other words,all landing pages are web pages,but not all web pages are landing pages.

4.   Design a Thank You Page
A thank-you page is a place where your visitors go after they have converted into a lead or customers.You can create a thank-you page that could confirm their purchase and can successfully sign up to your newsletter or any other conversion actions they do.
Thank-you pages are very effective on keeping your leads engaged,plus you can use them for secondary conversion opportunities.

5.   Create High Converting CTAs
A CTA or“call-to-action”is the action that you want people to take.This could be“call now,”“learn more,”or“download an e-book.”You can place a CTA anywhere in your marketing in a form of wording or graphic.
CTAs are important on starting the funnel that will convert your visitors into leads.

6.   Execute Sales Process
This step is mostly handled by the sales team,and the job is to turn leads into customers.Of course,depending on your industry or offers,marketing team and sales team can work together to turn those lead into a customer using only the above steps or even without going to this step.

This step is mostly handled by the sales team, and the job is to turn leads into customers. Of course, depending on your industry or offers, marketing team and sales team can work together to turn those lead into a customer using only the above steps or even without going to this step.

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